Basic Interactivity

  • List all databases
  • Switch Database
  • List all tables
  • Describe Table
Note: There are some changes that you will receive an error related to Did not find any relation named “tableName”. This is due to the postgres standard. Postgres needs escaping for Capital Letters and Spacing in table name. Just wrap the table name with Double Quotes ( ” ) while calling the table in queries.

Read More:


  • Create Database

Grant Access to User

The user needs access to the database, obviously:

And (at least) the USAGE privilege on the schema:

Then, all permissions for all tables (requires Postgres 9.0 or later):

And don’t forget sequences (if any):

Backup and Restore Database

  • Backup database into file

  • Restore Database from file

Installing PostGIS
– Check if PostGIS is installed

If PostGIS is not installed, you will see the following output:

Otherwise, you will see the following:

That’s all for know. Let me know if there is anything extra to add up on the list.

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