Backing up data from your computer to an external Hard Drive can be a serious pain when you want to make sure the data in your computer and the external drive are an exact same copy. An easy solution to automate this syncing problem is MS SyncToy.

MS SyncToy is a free Microsoft product allows you to create a folder pair that you can sync anytime when you plug in your external drive. The tool will automatically handle the renames, deletions and new files & folders creation. You can choose whether you want to delete files from external drive or not.

Follow the below steps to create a Folder Pair

  • Create New Folder Pair


  • Choose the folders to be synced.
  • Choose one from the 3 sync options provided. A short Explanation to each of them would be visible in the same box.
  • Choose a name for the sync.
  • Once created the sync will be visible in the left navigation bar where you can click and select run to start the synchronization process. The software first looks for the changes that have been made from the last sync and than do the changes.
  • If you have created multiple Sync Pairs you can run all of them simultaneously by clicking on All Folder Pairs and then Run All.

You can download the latest version SyncToy from this link :

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