Skype ads keep on distracting your productivity. Bumping up ads feels little annoying Let’s do some workaround to disable the ads from the skype interface.

Before the start, Please note this is for windows platform

Disable communication with ads server


It will disable the ads from skype interface.

  • Head to Control Panel, by Ctrl + R then type control  Instructions
  • Search for Network and Internet,Instructions
  • Click on Internet Options
  • Under Internet Options, click on tab security, then click on Restricted sites.
  • After the restricted sites click on sites and add ‘’

after that click okay and save

Disable Adverts blocks in skype

After disabling the skypes ads, Still the ads block are visible which makes interface clumsy.

  • Head to Local Skype location : Ctrl + R then type %APPDATA%/skype and press enter
  • Search for config.xml Open that file in text editor
  • change the following <AdvertPlaceholder>1</AdvertPlaceholder> To <AdvertPlaceholder>0</AdvertPlaceholder> 

Save the file and restart the skype.

That’s all. Please share us feedback if there is any issue.



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