Hack your favorite Android game in 2 minutes

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Basic Description About the Dustoff heli rescue 2 v1.2

This game is very interesting. Be the hero chopper pilot, and save the life of the wounded soldiers in the battlefield.

In Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 you can:

  • Find and transport the stolen trucks and cargo and take them back to the headQuarter.
  • Fight against the extreme weather conditions.
  • Fly in dust storm.heavy rain and snow blizzard.

♦The steps are written given below follow simple steps:-

Step1 : Download the required game from the link given https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.invictus.dustoff2&hl=en .

Step2 : Download another App which is available on given link. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.felixheller.sharedprefseditor&hl=en


Step 3 : After installing cheat droid then open your game and then play 1 or 2 levels .

Step 4 : Then open Cheat droid . Search your application which is dustoff heli rescue.


Step5.open it you will see two files open first file and then search your coins by using search tool.


Step6 : you will see [string]savedata. click on that tab.


Step 7 : Edit your coins that you want. save your file then close cheat droid.

Now Open your game and enjoy with coins and  buy items.


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