cURL issue in PHP7 Windows

Everything is running and working fine. You’re about to try out this new PHP script then bump required extension is not working for you. You running out mind and trying to sort out the issue. Whatever your scenario, you have one objective which is to get this curl extension working in windows. We will separate out process in debug steps. You can skip the parts if it’s already done.

Debug Step 1: Find out your php.ini config file location.

Run the phpinfo() function in your php script.

and check the following syntax is the shown output.

Loaded configuration LogixTree
In my case, It’s D:/Webserver/PHP7/php.ini. Your case may be different.

On the same page, Perform the search for module cURL. Keep this page open till our debugging process.

Debug Step 2: Open the php.ini config file and Locale the php_curl.dll

At this point, We are looking the config to find out if the extension is enabled or not. PHP config file use semi-colon ( ; ) for the comments. if your extension is prefixed with it, then simply remove it.


To  extension=php_curl.dll

Restart the server and check if the issue sorted out or not. If it’s not. Keep the config file open for the next step.

Debug Step 3: In the php.ini file, We check, if the extension directory is correct

On the last open file, We will locate the following ‘extension_dir’ (without quotes) and check if it’s pointing at the correct location.

PHP Extension dir
In my case, it’s pointing at the correct location of my PHP7 directory, Verify that if it’s pointing at the correct location or not.

On the same step, We will locate the ext folder in our PHP installation. Find out if the php_curl.dll is actually available at the location or not.

Restart your server and refresh your phpinfo() tab from step1. Find the curl module, If it’s still not available follow the next step.

Debug 4: If you have downloaded Apache from Apache Lounge, Then It missing be missing libssh2.dll

Because of the concerns related to security. PHP is being supplied with its own libssh2.dll library. Locate the Apache/bin and check if there is any libssh2.dll available or not. If it’s missing. Copy it from the php7 directory to Apache’s binary folder ( Apache/bin ) 

Restart your server to check if its curl module is available or not. If still not available, Follow the next step.

Debug 5: Chances are your libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll got corrupt or missing under Apache/bin

Chances are your libeay32.dll and ssleasy32.dll got corrupted. You may need to download the apache installable version again from the apache lounge and copy over two files to our Apache/bin. These files are also available under the PHP installation folder.
Note: If you’re copying it from the internet, make sure it’s safe and official.

After doing so restart the server and check if the curl module is available under our phpinfo() output.

After following the steps, Hope you get the end results.

Leave us feedback if something is not working for you.

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